Travel hub spot

At this Shinjuku hostel you will be living close to one of the the worlds largest bus terminals which can take you to various places in Japan and still not empty your pockets!
From here you can enjoy traditional Japanese culture in the many provinces around Tokyo and still get the full time experience of the big city life!
The Shinjuku hostel we can provide you with all you need to know about the local spots, so please feel free to use our magazines, books and information at any time!

Enjoy cosplay!(Woman Only)

At this cool neighbourhood we have placed our woman only hostel.
Here you can enjoy cosplay to the fullest and still feel comfortable and safe!
Except the very cool surroundings of this neighbourhood we have also arranged a male toilet for photoshoots where you can get the most out of your cosplay pictures!
Don’t hesitate to get the cosplay experience of a lifetime!

Expand your travel memories

VR (Virtual reality) has been expanding in many fields including entertainment and business.
At this hostel we can provide you with special equipment which we hope will bring your travel memories come to life! This with no need to download any application and by using your own device. Just use the goggles and experience your happy memories in a more realistic way at anytime!
You can also explore the many different travel destinations before you go there with our VR service!
This is the beginning of a new travel lifestyle!

Map of Shinjuku
Map of akihabara
Map of toranomon



Post Town Shinbashi

"Bnb + Post Town Shinbashi" gathered the best free papers from all over Japan.
Free paper of Local color is a your side of can Planning a trip based on information from various places. Furthermore, all free papers installed here can be taken out! It will lead to the next journey.There may be new information that can not be obtained on the Internet as well.The ideal of traveling will spread to all over Japan as a starting point of this hostel.



Literally concept is "和" "bnb + 和 Shinbashi".The old Japanese culture is healed not only for Japanese but also for overseas customers.Apart from the hustle and bustle of the city, we realized a comfortable space where your heart can be washed.Many exhibits such as Japanese umbrella, Japanese folding screen, small items that you can feel Japan.
It is finished in a space as if you are resting at a tea house appearing in a historical drama in japan.I hope you will be able to use it as a warm and comfortable accommodation facility during a trip, tired mind and body.


bnb+ Ninja Otsuka

Aproximately At 5 minutes on foot from Otsuka JR station. This hostel with ninja theme representing japan culture. The first thing that you can see is a dramatical mural paint welcoming you. all the space it's made in traditional Japanese style. you can feel like a ninja at this ninja house. please, enjoy the flavour of this ninja experience.
You got a lot of eating and drinking stablishments line up at the hostel's neighbourhood so you can enjoy your trip with a complete experience.

Map of Shinbashi1
Map of Shinbashi2
Map of Otska



bnb + Secret Base Mejiro

"bnb + Secret Base Mejiro" standing in a corner of a quiet residential area with a vibrant area with famous universities. Ikebukuro, Shinjuku and other neighboring main stations are also well accessed, and the enjoyment of the trip spreads further from here. The communication space in the hostel is set like a calm cafe. It is nice to spend relaxingly at the hostel and go out. Balanced living qualities will help you plan your trip.


bnb+ Tokyo Tamachi

10 minutes to Tokyo station, 15 minutes to Ginza, 20 minutes to Shinjuku. From Shinagawa station next door to Shinkansen. bnb + The hostel "bnb + Tokyo Tamachi" located in Tamachi Station, boasting outstanding access among the group. Canal which feels history in high-rise office building, stylish shops and restaurants with downtown atmosphere. Spreading as a city, it is a spot full of charm. It is a perfect hostel for walking around in Tokyo as well as as a base for travel to various places.


bnb+ Narta

bnb + The first Kansai store is ancient city · Nara. Setting suitable for such a place based on "Wa" such as arranging kimono in the hall.
"Shoza" in the shop name is cotton cloth material often used for women's kimono belt and kimono accessories.
The pattern is warm and continues to be loved beyond the times.
I also named this hostel to continue to be a healing space loved by customers like "Sencha".
We support Nara's journey on history, tradition and beautiful cityscape.

Map of Mejiro
Map of Tamachi
Map of Nara



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bnb+Shinjuku castle

Okubo Hostel concept located soon from Okubo Station is a castle!
In order to understand Japan's pride of art in everything,
Books related to the castle, sword books, and even Edo era guns and swords are displayed.
From now on, bnb + Shinjuku is going to grow further with various elements related to the castle,
By all means people who like castle lovers and Japanese culture gather together, everyone,
It would be greatly appreciated if you could create it.


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Japanese soul Ikebana Okina Yotsuya

Yotuya Hostel located just a short walk from Yotuya 3-chome station is opposite the entrance,
There is no mistake to betray your expectations. With the concept of fresh flowers and the free space where beautiful flowers and teaware line up, you can feel the space of sorrowful loneliness where you can wash your heart.
As a lodging facility to heal tiredness of the trip, it will give you the best comfort.
Also, the ceiling of the bed is also high and you can relax more than the general hostel.
Please come and visit Japan once again by all means.

Tokyo Kanda

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bnb+ Tokyo Kanda

Reasonable and good location. It is a 3-minute walk to Awaji-cho station at 2 stops to Tokyo station. It is 18 minutes on foot and excellent access, as far as Tokyo stations and Marunouchi are extended. If you have plenty of time, looking at the Imperial Palace as a side line, it is also nice to go Tokyo Station.

In the middle of Ogawamachi known for many sports shops! you can also visit the famous Jimbo Cho famous for bookstores, Akihabara called Akiba, and Ochanomizu where there are many music shops. It is also very useful to stay when you go to the events in Tokyo Dome.

There is a pleasant terrace in our hostel. There is also a girls private space, and women can relax.

Map of Okubo
Map of Yotsuya
Map of Tokyo Kanda

About bnb +

If you want Japanese travelers to make the memories of the trip dense , I got up from the desire to provide plus accommodation space to BEST Nippon BRAND. Furthermore, as a bnb plus group in the history of the hostel, we offer cheap, fun, safe, dense and extraordinary experiences and that you can re-experience the best Japanese goodness for travelers hoping.