Travel hub spot

At this Shinjuku hostel you will be living close to one of the the worlds largest bus terminals which can take you to various places in Japan and still not empty your pockets!
From here you can enjoy traditional Japanese culture in the many provinces around Tokyo and still get the full time experience of the big city life!
The Shinjuku hostel we can provide you with all you need to know about the local spots, so please feel free to use our magazines, books and information at any time!


Enjoy cosplay!(Woman Only)

At this cool neighbourhood we have placed our woman only hostel.
Here you can enjoy cosplay to the fullest and still feel comfortable and safe!
Except the very cool surroundings of this neighbourhood we have also arranged a male toilet for photoshoots where you can get the most out of your cosplay pictures!
Don’t hesitate to get the cosplay experience of a lifetime!


Expand your travel memories

VR (Virtual reality) has been expanding in many fields including entertainment and business.
At this hostel we can provide you with special equipment which we hope will bring your travel memories come to life! This with no need to download any application and by using your own device. Just use the goggles and experience your happy memories in a more realistic way at anytime!
You can also explore the many different travel destinations before you go there with our VR service!
This is the beginning of a new travel lifestyle!



bnb+Shinjuku castle

Okubo Hostel concept located soon from Okubo Station is a castle!
In order to understand Japan's pride of art in everything,
Books related to the castle, sword books, and even Edo era guns and swords are displayed.
From now on, bnb + Shinjuku is going to grow further with various elements related to the castle,
By all means people who like castle lovers and Japanese culture gather together, everyone,
It would be greatly appreciated if you could create it.



Nenja Dojo opens in Ueno! bnb + Ninja Dojo Ueno Hostel is a castle-themed hostel decorating books related to the castle, helmets, swords and kimono. It is an attractive hostel in terms of a good location as it is a few seconds on foot from JR Okubo Station. From the beginning of the opening we received high popularity among foreign tourists. It is also possible to arrange shooting spots and to feel the extraordinary experience that you can not shoot more beautifully!
Instagram There is no mistake to shoot !!


Japanese soul Ikebana Okina Yotsuya

Yotuya Hostel located just a short walk from Yotuya 3-chome station is opposite the entrance,
There is no mistake to betray your expectations. With the concept of fresh flowers and the free space where beautiful flowers and teaware line up, you can feel the space of sorrowful loneliness where you can wash your heart.
As a lodging facility to heal tiredness of the trip, it will give you the best comfort.
Also, the ceiling of the bed is also high and you can relax more than the general hostel.
Please come and visit Japan once again by all means.

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Shinjuku castle




JapaneseSoul IKEBANA+

About bnb +

If you want Japanese travelers to make the memories of the trip dense , I got up from the desire to provide plus accommodation space to BEST Nippon BRAND. Furthermore, as a bnb plus group in the history of the hostel, we offer cheap, fun, safe, dense and extraordinary experiences and that you can re-experience the best Japanese goodness for travelers hoping.